Terrible, Shocking Things

Series 1 - Episode 3 Terrible, Shocking Things



This slick, mildly surreal crime drama has bags of atmosphere. Much of it comes from the corrupt, seedy, sun-baked, fly-blown, booze-sodden Texas border town where it is set, and where our hero Allegra (Rosario Dawson) is trying to find out who car-bombed her sister. 

But the show also heaps on the curiosities and eccentric characters until plotlines and suspects pile up like a big plate of nachos. If it doesn’t give you indigestion then there’s plenty to enjoy, and in tonight’s double bill we finally get to meet Clyde Brattle (Alan Cumming), a local crook whom Allegra’s senate committee is (coincidence!) investigating over Syrian arms deals. Also, there’s a funeral to attend.


Jake throws a party, Allegra discovers a secret and a newcomer offers warnings and cocktails.