Long Lost Family

Long Lost Family
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Series 10 - Episode 1

Monday 9pm - 10pm ITV
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Sun 24 Jan, 11:45pm - 12:35am ITV


No matter how many of these separation and reunion stories you watch, they never fail to bring you to tears. The pain of abandonment, the parents’ guilt, and the eventual – always emotional – reconnection are always heartbreaking. The first two reunions that Nicky Campbell and Davina McCall share with us are especially affecting. 

In 1974, after teenagers Kevin and Phyllis were evicted from their rented flat and told to “take the bastard with you”, they gave their newborn to a Catholic agency to look after while they found new housing. When they went back to court to reclaim him, they were understandably distraught that the judge ruled in favour of another couple who could “give him a better future”. They were powerless to do anything.

And Michael, now 64, was told nothing about his birth mother other than she left him (unofficially, so there’s no paper trail) with the family that brought him up and simply never came back. Tragically, he’s always felt he was a mistake she wanted to forget...


Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell return to help more people reunite with long-lost relatives. Phyllis and Kevin Haran fought in vain to get their son back through the courts after putting him up for adoption when they were homeless, jobless and desperate to put their baby's interests first. The other story follows 64-year-old Michael O'Neil in his search for his birth mother.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Davina McCall
Presenter Nicky Campbell
Director Claire Lewis
Editor Rick Barker
Editor Johnny Wagener
Editor Paddy Lynas
Executive Producer Sally Benton
Series Producer Clare Bradbury
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