Life of a Mountain

Life of a Mountain: A Year on Helvellyn

Life of a Mountain: A Year on Helvellyn



Even without the current travel restrictions you’d be hard pushed to see all the spectacular scenery that Terry Abraham has captured in the last of his Lake District trilogy.

Filmed over three years, this time he’s focusing on Helvellyn through the seasons: astronomers talk about the magic of its skies, paragliders the thrill of floating over it, photographers its beauty, historians describe the area’s industrial past, a shepherdess its importance while the mountain rescue team and meteorologists describe their work. But at the core of this feature-length documentary is a generous amount of lovingly shot footage of this working landscape, often shown without any intrusive commentary.


Documentary capturing a year in the life of the Lake District's most popular peak, featuring insights from those that live by, care for and visit the mountain.

Cast & Crew

Director Terry Abraham
Producer Terry Abraham