A Perfect Planet

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Series 1 - Episode 3 Weather



The very name of the Gobi desert in Mongolia conjures a forbidding picture, but what you picture probably falls short. As we see in tonight’s episode, the Gobi is brutally windswept, bitterly cold, utterly dry and bleak to an almost poetic degree.

That anything could eke out a life there seems improbable, but of course some creatures do, notably the last Bactrian camels left in the wild, no more than a thousand of them. There’s a beautiful sequence as we follow herds converging to canter across the desert in search of moisture, which they can smell from 30 miles away. 

That sequence, we gather later, was hard to come by and it is one of several natural dramas tonight clustered around the theme of weather, and how species move to its (until recently) predictable patterns, including numberless hordes of ants, turtles and crabs.


David Attenborough narrates a look at how the uneven distribution of fresh water around the globe has given rise to an incredible diversity of species and habits, from the driest desert to the lushest tropical rainforest. Featuring a colony of ants banding together into a raft every time its home in the Amazon floods, a rain frog that manages to eke out an existence in one of the world's driest habitats on Earth, and the last wild camels that survive the Gobi Desert's bitter winters by eating snow that blows in from Siberia.

Cast & Crew

Narrator David Attenborough
Director Ed Charles
Editor Dave Pearce
Executive Producer Keith Scholey
Executive Producer Alastair Fothergill
Series Producer Huw Cordey
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