The Simpsons

Undercover Burns

Series 32 - Episode 1 Undercover Burns



Season 32 opens with a story focused on wheezing despot C Montgomery Burns, as he goes under cover at his own nuclear plant in a disguise somewhere between an Iron Man suit and a Mission: Impossible mask. 

But first there’s a neatly worked opening sequence where the plant’s Take Your Child to Work Day (complete with a Touch the Plutonium stall) morphs seamlessly into Put Your Child to Work Day: bumper cars ferry children inside and pony rides descend to the uranium mines...

At times like this the creativity of the show feels as extravagant as ever; there’s a throwaway gag for everyone. I enjoyed Lenny complaining, “I’ve got a whole inbox of unsplit atoms I haven’t gotten to yet...” Or if you prefer, there’s Burns at one point scoffing, “Respect the workers! What next? Put batteries in the smoke detectors?”


New series. Mr Burns disguises himself as an employee at the power plant, but while the change is good news for Homer and his co-workers, Mr Smithers is not so keen.
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