Mister Maker at Home


Series 2 - Episode 10 Kobi



Lots of repairs are needed at Mister Maker’s home! Kobi from CBeebies’s Apple Tree House is just the friend to help, and Mister Maker video-calls him to reveal his list of jobs! Mister Maker realises that he needs to think up a creative way to thank Kobi and so makes an amazing apple tree picture, using paper loops and pompoms. Later, Mister Maker checks in on his friends, The Shapes. They are snoring away, so Mister M makes sure he leaves them to have a nice rest. Mister Maker then decides to dance like a Shape himself, which in turn inspires him to make some shape art. Mister Maker soon remembers what a gift all of his friends are and this gives him another arty idea - brightly coloured homemade wrapping paper is created! Lastly, Mister Maker remembers all the fun he has had throughout the day. Last in the series.