The Pembrokeshire Murders: Catching the Gameshow Killer

The Pembrokeshire Murders: Catching the Gameshow Killer


Here’s the companion documentary to ITV’s three-part dramatisation, The Pembrokeshire Murders, which ended last night, featuring the real participants in a remarkable cold case investigation.

Former detective Steve Wilkins (played by Luke Evans in the drama), along with other colleagues from Operation Ottawa, the codename for his top-secret inquiry, contribute, as do forensic and legal experts. 

The investigation re-examined two double murders in Pembrokeshire, brother and sister Richard and Helen Thomas, and holidaymakers Peter and Gwenda Dixon. All were shot dead. 

There’s telling footage of their killer, John Cooper, as he is arrested and later interviewed by police, and his appearance on the game show Bullseye, which would turn out to be crucial.


Following on from the three-part drama, this documentary tells the real story behind the Pembrokeshire Murders. After murdering four people in Pembrokeshire, John Cooper eluded prosecution for 20 years until a new detective team and advances in forensic science finally saw him put behind bars in 2011. For the first time, the key people involved in the case reveal their role in bringing the serial killer to justice.

Cast & Crew

Producer Greg Lewis
Producer Matthew Tune
Producer Jonathan Hill