Natural History Museum: World of Wonder

Natural History Museum: World of Wonder

Series 1 - Episode 2



The London museum is home to an enviable collection of dinosaur relics, from the world’s most complete stegosaurus to the first T rex ever found. Dippy the diplodocus, which dominated the main hall from 1979 to 2017, is now on tour, awaiting visitors in Rochdale’s public library. All these gems need conservation and a lot of dusting, and we meet the curators whose charmed lives involve such work. 

Dinosaur experts Susie Maidment and Paul Barrett head to a beach in Wales to verify a track of dino footprints. We also see bone records that show ancient Brits indulging in cannibalism and drinking from skulls. 


The museum's dinosaur experts Susie Maidment and Paul Barrett follow up an exciting tip-off about some possible dino footprints in Wales. Meanwhile, the world's most famous dinosaur - Dippy the Diplodocus - is on a road trip around the country and needs an up-close inspection to make sure it's safe.

Cast & Crew

Director Luke Korzun Martin
Director Ashok Prasad
Executive Producer Ninder Billing Khandelwal
Producer Ashok Prasad
Series Producer Luke Korzun Martin
Documentary History