Chartwell House, Kent

Chartwell House, Kent

Series 6



Time doesn’t stand still in the Artist of the Year world. No sooner has the Portrait pinnacle been reached than Landscape heaves into view once more. This week, two pros and four amateurs are neatly lined up in adjoining gazebos with a striking view of Churchill’s former home at Chartwell. While crucial decisions are made about how much of the house to include in their pictures, dozens of “wildcard” artists chance their arm from scattered vantage points.

It’s clearly a contest of our time – one of the initial submissions is an imagined landscape painted from a Covid sickbed – but this sunny day out in Kent is still a lovely and restful escape from the grind.


The return of the competition searching for the nation's best landscape painter, with the first batch of hopefuls painting a scene of Chartwell House in Kent.