And You Sir, Are No Peter the Great

Series 1 - Episode 3 And You Sir, Are No Peter the Great



It’s another refreshing visit to the Imperial Russian court, as very freely imagined by writer Tony McNamara. “Is this a coup or a… bookclub?” complains Marial, the caustic maidservant who used to be an aristocrat and has, thanks to her downfall, a cynical bent. 

Phoebe Fox plays her with just the right level of dryness hiding real pain, as she and Catherine plot the emperor’s downfall alongside Orlo, the court politics wonk. The balancing act the show pulls off is being silly and sweary but at the same time making us care what happens. It helps that the cast includes several British character actors having fun, notably Douglas Hodge as an alcoholic general.


Peter nervously writes a speech for his military and Generals - his father's old buddies. Catherine presents her ideals for a new Russia to Orlo and Marial, who think these radical ideas need to be toned down. Comedy drama, starring Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult.

Cast & Crew

Catherine Elle Fanning
Peter Nicholas Hoult
Marial Phoebe Fox
Count Orlo Sacha Dhawan
Georgina Charity Wakefield
Grigor Gwilym Lee
Archie Adam Godley
Velementov Douglas Hodge
Aunt Elizabeth Belinda Bromilow
Arkady Bayo Gbadamosi
Leo Sebastian De Souza
Lady Antonia Svenska Danusia Samal
Tatyana Florence Keith-Roach
Marina Kemi-Bo Jacobs
Vlad Louis Hynes
Colonel Svenska Blake Harrison
Tolsten Stewart Scudamore
Chef Louis Asheq Akhtar
Ivan Charlie Price
Footman Jordan Kagaba
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