Race for the Moon

Series 1 - Episode 4 Race for the Moon



Docu-drama revealing how President Kennedy set the challenge to land a man on the moon. In America, Wernher von Braun had the resources for the most powerful rocket ever built, while Soviet designer Sergei Korolev worked on his own plan for beating the US using only a fraction of his rival's funds.

Cast & Crew

Wernher von Braun Richard Dillane
Sergei Korolev Steve Nicolson
Castenholz Eric Loren
Gagarin Vitalie Ursu
Gilruth Robert Jezek
Glushko Ravil Isyanov
Kuznetsov Jeffry Wickham
Leonov Oleg Shtefanko
Mishin John Warnaby
Nina Korolev Maria Mironova
Director Mark Everest
Producer Mark Everest
Series Producer Debbie Cadbury
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Drama Documentary