Cilla: The Lost Tapes

Cilla: The Lost Tapes
Today 10:15pm - 11:10pm ITV


In 2017, as Cilla Black’s family home was being put on the market, her son Robert got a big “surprise, surprise” when previously unseen home movies were discovered in the attic. It’s footage that chronicles her day-to-day life, but because it’s Cilla we’re talking about, this involves driving around the estate of her Buckinghamshire mansion in a Rolls-Royce and going on her travels with Ringo Starr.

The beloved entertainer was a millionaire by the time she was 25, so the circles in which she mixed were impossibly glam. But there are also moments of vulnerability captured on audio in interviews with a ghostwriter for her autobiography. Here, Cilla talks about the struggles she faced following the death of husband and manager Bobby Willis and how she found solace through entertaining. And for those who were left open-mouthed by her comeback appearance at the 2001 Royal Variety Performance (the one with the strategically placed light bulbs), there are some cheeky and candid rehearsal clips, accompanied by some sweet recollections from her friend Paul O’Grady.


Following her death, Cilla Black's family found a stash of films and behind-the-scenes footage from her personal video collection, along with hours of audio recording of Cilla telling her life story. Narrated by Sheridan Smith, this documentary includes interviews with the family and friends who knew Cilla best, as they watch the lost footage for the first time and recall their memories of a TV icon.

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Narrator Sheridan Smith