The Battle for Hong Kong

The Battle for Hong Kong


Perhaps because our own politics have become volatile, civil unrest abroad feels as if it’s been under-reported in the past year: this film promises to take us under the skin of protests in Hong Kong against the Chinese government, meeting activists who have become more and more militant in their efforts to stop moves to integrate the territory’s legal and justice system with the mainland. Intimate footage shows moments when the fearsome police force lose control in the face of mass disobedience, as well as capturing testimony of how far some citizens will go to safeguard civil liberties. “I feel like I am basically at war,' says one. “If I die and Hong Kong gets democracy... I'll be OK with that.”


Filmed over eight months on the violent frontline of Hong Kong's street protests, this is the story of how the lives of five young activists were changed for ever. Cameras reveal how these protesters moved from peaceful demonstrations to Molotov cocktails and bows and arrows, gives an insight into what has really been going on behind the headlines that have gripped the world.

Cast & Crew

Director Robin Barnwell
Executive Producer David Henshaw
Executive Producer Evan Wlliams
Producer Robin Barnwell