Win the Wilderness: Alaska

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Win the Wilderness: Alaska

Series 1 - Episode 4



To win the last place on the shortlist, three couples have their survival instincts tested by spending a night in the Alaskan wilderness. Much is made of the fact that the area where they’ll be camping is renowned for bears and wolves but, aside from a paw print, they see nothing scarier than mosquitos.

So their main challenge is building an overnight shelter from the surrounding branches and foliage, but they all wake up with smiles on their faces, which is an achievement in itself. Meanwhile the others pan for gold – if they find some, maybe they could buy their own homestead instead of taking on Duane and Rena’s place.


Three of the couples are taken on a demanding and dangerous trek to Canwell Glacier system, an area that is home to wolves and bears. They face a gruelling journey over rough glacial terrain and icy streams, and soon find evidence that there are wild animals in the vicinity. As the competitors sleep under the stars, Duane and Rena have to decide who the next pair to be eliminated will be.

Cast & Crew

Director Chris Atteshlis
Director Georgina Burrell
Director James Callum
Director Mark Challander
Director James Nutt
Executive Producer Nic Patten
Executive Producer Andrew Mackenzie-Betty
Executive Producer David Clews
Executive Producer Dan Adamson
Producer Chris Atteshlis
Producer Georgina Burrell
Producer James Callum
Producer Mark Challander
Producer James Nutt
Series Director Greg Lander-Williams
Series Director Ben Archard
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