Just One Look

Series 1 - Episode 2



The big question from this week’s episode of the tense French adaptation of Harlan Coben’s novel is: why are characters in dramas always so suspicious when people’s phones go to voicemail? That happens when a shady gangster tries calling Eva (Virginie Ledoyen). Though he seems entirely unconnected to the disappearance of Eva’s husband, Daniel, he is linked to her mysterious accident at “the concert in the catacombs”, which we learn more about in flashbacks.

Otherwise, there’s little clarity on what is going on – new leads pop up all over the place — but the plot drives on efficiently and ruthlessly, much like the impassive killer haunting Eva’s suburban neighbourhood.


Determined to find her husband, Eva visits Bastien's estranged family to see if they might recognise anyone in the photo. They don't, but Bastien's sister tells her that Bastien has deliberately disappeared before. At Bastien's workplace, a colleague gives her an envelope that contains a key for a studio Bastien rents in Montmartre. On arrival there, Eva is confronted with a woman who looks strangely familiar. Soon Eva's own past is catching up with her, while it becomes apparent that Bastien is in real danger. Thriller, starring Virginie Ledoyen. In French.

Cast & Crew

Eva Beaufils Virginie Ledoyen
Bastien Beaufils Thierry Neuvik
Gregory Marsan Thierry Fremont
Eric Toussaint Jimmy Jean-Louis
Crapaud Joseph Malerba
Jimmy O Stanislas Merhar
Capitaine Valert Anne Girouard
Crystal Mathilde Bisson
Hubert Caillard Michael Abiteboul
Beatrice Marsan Carole Richert
Mylene Losdat Sophie-Charlotte Husson
Daniel Arthur Jugnot
Sandrine Koval-Beaufils Julie Gayet
Salone Beaufils Josephine Helin
Max Beaufils Jean-Baptiste Blanc
Olivier Losdat Christophe Vandevelde
Thomas Losdat Oscar Geraldes Galpin
Frederic Safati Jean-Pascal Abribat
Veronique Baltrus Soraya Garlenq
Serge Leroux Philippe Lelievre
Elisabeth Feldman-Beaufils Sylvie Granotier
Karim Tewfik Snoussi
Guillaume Deroff Yasmin Bau
Lieutenant Azzoug Djebril Zonga
Receptionniste Polo Jaune Dimitri Michelson
Armand Sekou Alexandre De Seze
Cedric Marsan Hugo Hamdad
Vieus forain Jean-Marie Frin
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