Strike Back: Project Dawn

Strike Back: Project Dawn

Series 2



In these troubled times, sometimes only a heady shot of testosterone will do. Here’s a high-action ten-part series, inspired by Chris Ryan’s characters, with added colour from some gratuitous nudity and blood-spatter.

Former SAS officer John Porter (Richard Armitage), star of the first series, is in big trouble, having been kidnapped in Pakistan. An attempt to rescue him goes wrong, and the pressure’s on to find his kidnappers. Enter two new protagonists: chisel-jawed Sergeant Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) and ex-Delta Force operative Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton), who can make any woman within striking distance lose her clothes.

The action is breathless, fast and glossy, with more than a nod to Die Hard. Amanda Mealing is the buttoned-up Section 20 boss, with Eva Birthistle the tech expert. Who’ll succumb to Scott’s rugged charms first?


Espionage drama, starring Richard Armitage, Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton. John Porter is kidnapped by an international terrorist group, so Head of Section 20 Col Eleanor Grant dispatches Sgt Michael Stonebridge and former US Special Forces operative Damien Scott to save their colleague and foil his captors' plans.

Cast & Crew

John Porter Richard Armitage
Sgt Michael Stonebridge Philip Winchester
Damien Scott Sullivan Stapleton
Col Eleanor Grant Amanda Mealing
Director Dan Percival
Director Bill Eagles
Director Alex Holmes
Director Paul Wilmshurst
Executive Producer Andy Harries
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