Shakespeare & Hathaway - Private Investigators

Thy Fury Spent

Series 3 - Episode 5 Thy Fury Spent



A simple missing person's case takes a dramatic turn as Frank and Lu find themselves in the middle of a dispute over the opening of a new Shakespeare Centre where it's clear that no one is what they seem. Simon Williams and Josie Lawrence guest star.

Cast & Crew

Luella Shakespeare Jo Joyner
Frank Hathaway Mark Benton
Sebastian Brudenell Patrick Walshe McBride
DS Joe Keeler Tomos Eames
PC Viola Deacon Yasmin Kaur Barn
Lucian Shaw Aaron Anthony
Sir Tim Forbes-Allen Simon Williams
Dr Helen Middleton Josie Lawrence
Jasra Hatoum Chandeep Uppal
Lady Athena Forbes-Allen Diana Hardcastle
Director Jennie Paddon
Executive Producer Ceri Meyrick
Producer Caroline Slater
Writer Kitty Percy
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Drama Comedy