Modern Family


Series 11 - Episode 2 Snapped



Yes, it’s past its best and this final season is pushing storylines in daft directions, but Modern Family still has characters we’ve loved for a decade and, let’s face it, soon they’ll be gone for good.

Tonight’s best (or least silly) storyline involves Cameron buying a smart fridge with an AI assistant built in. The way ‘Bridget’, as she’s known, then ingratiates herself with Mitchell and becomes a source of jealousy is cleverly done, and there’s a good pay-off with Jay over the end credits.

Elsewhere, Claire is doing a shoot for Corner Office magazine and wants her chaotic family out of the way, while Phil and Gloria fall out at his real estate class. One bonus is an outing for Gloria’s very special English accent.


Claire needs to get everyone out of the house as she tries to impress a reporter from a women's business magazine, while Jay attempts to spend quality time with Manny.

Cast & Crew

Jay Pritchett Ed O'Neill
Claire Dunphy Julie Bowen