Series 1 - Episode 2 Prometheus



The body of another man is found, tied by his hands to a burnt tree, in a murder seemingly inspired by the Greek myth of Prometheus. Mathias arrives at the scene and Anais demands that she should be allowed to question Bonfils the amnesiac, whom Mathias has delivered home since uncovering his identity. They head to Bonfils' boat but don't realise they are being followed by what appear to be military gunmen. Meanwhile, the stories of the Minotaur and Prometheus lead the investigation team to a homeless man named Victor Janusz in Marseille. However, when a photo identifying him is sent through to Anais, a shocked Mathias goes on the run. Jean-Hugues Anglade stars. In French.

Cast & Crew

Mathias Freire Jean-Hugues Anglade
Anais Chatelet Raphaelle Agogue
Le Coz Michael Cohen
Jaffar Hocine Choutry
Capitaine Crosnier Michael Abiteboul
Jean-Claude Chatelet Didier Flamand
Pascal Bonfils Vincent Deniard
General Garsac Jean-Claude Dauphine
Commandant Martenot Jean Mouriere
Abdellatif Dimoun Slimane Yefsah
Sylvie Sarah Haxaire
Michelle Longo Tatiana Gousseff
Homme Glu (Jerome Rottiers) Benjamin Blanchy
Peyrenaud Mathieu Simonet
Commissaire Deversat Marie Guillard
La Punk Roberto Magalhaes
Saez Jean-Michel Lahmi
Homme Train Hugues Marit
Secretaire medicale Freire Celine Perra
La serveur Maxime Daurel
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