Deadwater Fell

Series 1 - Episode 3



A secret was revealed in last week’s episode and its effects are immediately corrosive. But then it seems that most lives in Daisy Coulam’s excellent crime thriller are based on the shaky foundations of deceit and guilt.

At the centre of the small Scottish community surrounded by bleak hills is upright local doctor Tom Kendrick (David Tennant, who ditches the trademark twinkle to become quietly terrifying). He is a man with the world at his feet, a man who expects people to do as he says. When they don’t, he twitches with the kind of rage that you feel will look very ugly should it ever burst forth.

But Tom is in trouble. Having been the centre of his community’s pity after an unspeakable tragedy, we now learn more about him, and about his relationship with his fragile, unhappy wife Kate (a heartbreaking Anna Madeley). It’s not pretty.


Armed with new evidence, the case looks cut and dried, but a new revelation raises doubt as the emotional ripple effects of the fire take their toll on those closest to the tragedy. Steve goes to his work-appointed counselling and a past conversation with Kate is revealed. As the truth begins to emerge, everyone questions their role in the tragedy. Crime drama, starring David Tennant, Cush Jumbo, Matthew McNulty and Anna Madeley.

Cast & Crew

Tom Kendrick David Tennant
Jess Milner Cush Jumbo
Steve Campbell Matthew McNulty
Kate Kendrick Anna Madeley
DC Gemma Darlington Laurie Brett
DCI Spencer Collins Gordon Brown
Sandra McKay Lisa McGrillis
Carol Kendrick Maureen Beattie
Ruth McKenzie Lindy Whiteford
PC Taylor Clarke Lorn Macdonald
Dylan Denham-Johnson Lewis Gribben
Luke Richmond Jack Greenlees
Nicky Earlham Anneika Rose
Emily Kendrick Orla Russell
Iris Kendrick Felicity Keenan
Charlotte Kendrick Lilac Jackson
Lewis Campbell Bradley Connell
Elliot Campbell Aaron Connell
Counsellor Phil McKee
Remand guard Scott Reid
Director Lynsey Miller
Executive Producer David Tennant
Executive Producer Emma Kingsman-Lloyd
Executive Producer Karen Wilson
Executive Producer Daisy Coulam
Producer Caroline Levy
Writer Daisy Coulam
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