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King Gary

Series 1 - Episode 6



The whole King family has decamped to the English Riviera for a week’s holiday. Terri wants to “chill and decompose”, while Gary doesn’t want her to befriend anyone on holiday so that the jaunt is kept to a family-only affair. Terri, however, can’t help herself and is soon cosying up to an impossibly perfect French couple.

Despite a huge gulf in the character’s chronology (apparently Gary was “just a baby” 30 years ago, yet in the next breath he talks of meeting Terri in Faliraki’s 1998 summer season which would have made him ten years old…), it’s a succinct episode that ends with a dramatic climax that is clearly baiting the BBC for a second series.


The family heads to the coast for a holiday, with Gary keen to enjoy some quality time with Terri. However, she is obsessed with making holiday pals and befriends a French woman whose less-than-friendly husband has nothing in common with Gary - who finds himself relegated to looking after the kids while everyone else has fun. Big Gary is excited about getting a pasty from a shop he visited years ago, but can't quite remember its location, while Denise's fear of seagulls prevents her going down to the sea front to help. Comedy, starring Tom Davis, Laura Checkley, Simon Day and Camille Coduri.

Cast & Crew

Gary King Tom Davis
Terri King Laura Checkley
Denise King Camille Coduri
Big Gary King Simon Day
Teddy King Riley Burgin
Marie Laure Julie Dray
Fred Dustin Demri-Burns
Louie Yanis Charifi
Captain Steve Brody
Guitar player Viktor Mastoridis
Director James De Frond
Executive Producer James De Frond
Executive Producer Tom Davis
Executive Producer Andy Brereton
Producer Rupert Majendie
Writer James De Frond
Writer Tom Davis
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