How I Met Your Mother

The Bracket

Series 3 - Episode 14 The Bracket



Barney tries to discover who has been warning women not to sleep with him. He narrows the list of possible suspects down to 64 of his former flings, and conducts a hypothetical tournament to determine the most likely culprit - with Lily insisting he must personally apologise to the ones he hurt most.

Cast & Crew

Ted Josh Radnor
Marshall Jason Segel
Robin Cobie Smulders
Barney Neil Patrick Harris
Lily Alyson Hannigan
Meg April Bowlby
Anna Dawn Olivieri
Holly Maite Schwartz
Mark Chris Tallman
Colton Dunn Ken Barnett
Charna Yvonne Delarosa
Kate Hallie Lambert
Karen Katie Savoy
Julia Kathy Uyen
Maggie Jennipher Foster
Director Pamela Fryman
Writer Joe Kelly
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