Running Wild with Bear Grylls

Channing Tatum in the Mountains of Norway

Series 5 - Episode 2 Channing Tatum in the Mountains of Norway



Actor Channing Tatum was a guest in series one. Now he’s in Norway to do more “things they don’t let you do in movies”, starting with launching himself out of a helicopter.

He lands in a wilderness populated with fjords, boulders and sheep. Lots of sheep. Channing even manages to get nutted by one in a Tomb Raider-style cave. On the other side, the pair ingest some protein with a snack of foraged worms. But arguably the scariest point of the adventure comes when they squeeze themselves through an extremely thin crack between rocks. Not one for the claustrophobe. It’s cold out there, but the lads’ campfire chats warm the heart.


Channing Tatum joins Bear on a seven-mile trek through Norway's mountains, beginning by skydiving into boulder fields before foraging for food and undergoing Navy Seals training.

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