Richard Hammond's Big

World Biggest Car Factory

Series 1 - Episode 1 World Biggest Car Factory



Richard Hammond’s like a kid in a toy shop. In the first episode of his exploration of the world’s biggest structures, machines and vessels, he’s in the enormous Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Germany, where he’s disrupting the immaculate production line with every step. Think of it as a supersized version of Gregg Wallace’s Inside the Factory, with added sausages – VW has its own butchery on site, producing more than six million wurst a year.

Everything here is on a vast scale, and the precision involved boggles the mind: there’s a fascinating explanation of the “just in time” process that controls stock. Buses serve each part of the site, and there are thousands of bicycles on the factory floor – well, when the assembly line is 12 miles long, it takes a while to get anywhere. The Wolfsburg plant rolls out 800,000 cars a year – and if you’re very unlucky, you might get one that Hammond himself has had his hands on…


The presenter explores some of the world's biggest structures, machines and vessels. In the first episode, he explores Volkswagen's giant car plant in Wolfsburg, Germany, where he checks out its futuristic technology and discovers how this mega-factory works.