Charles Jr

Series 1 - Episode 2 Charles Jr



Without giving away the conclusion to last week’s splendid opener, our superthief Jett is in a bind. She returns to her criminal boss (and lover) Charlie, gives him the ring he got her to steal from Havana, and pretends everything is fine.

But we know Charlie’s son Junior is a cannon so loose he may roll right off the ship. “It’s almost as if he enjoys showing me how out of control he can get,” says Charlie and, via a party scene at Junior’s place, we get a picture of what he means, perhaps a more vivid picture than we might like.

This show is not for the faint of heart but there’s a proper zing to the dialogue and it has the slick choreography of a movie. Plus, in this episode, another heist.


Jett is forced to mastermind a heist at the site of a high-end poker game, while Baudelaire's son Junior continues to vex his father. Carla Gugino stars.

Cast & Crew

Daisy `Jett' Kowalski Carla Gugino
Charlie Baudelaire Giancarlo Esposito
María Elena Anaya
Jack `Jackie' Dillon Michael Aronov
Phoenix Gaite Jansen
Evans Gil Bellows
Junior Gentry White
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