Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild


Series 11 - Episode 2 Siberia



Often there’s a streak of genius running through Ben’s nonconformist hosts, and that’s certainly the case here. In a corner of Siberia that is so remote only mosquitos can thrive, straight-talking scientist Nikita is working on a way to save the world. He’s trying to stop the permafrost from thawing. Because when permafrost thaws, greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere, rapidly accelerating global warming.

Ben is enchanted when he’s led into a permafrost cave that sparkles like a real-life Santa’s grotto. But the atmosphere cools when Nikita reveals the scale of the timebomb that’s threatening the planet.


Ben meets a scientist in Siberia, who gave up his urban life to work in the Russian Arctic on finding ways to reduce the impact of climate change on the permafrost. His project makes use of steam machines and monster trucks, but away from his environmental work, he is working on the idea of bringing the woolly mammoth back from extinction.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ben Fogle
Director Sean McDonnell
Executive Producer Harry Lansdown
Executive Producer Natalie Wilkinson
Producer Sean McDonnell
Series Producer Natalie Wilkinson
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