24 Hours in A&E

24 Hours in A&E

Series 20 - Episode 1



Who’d be a parent? The nerve-shredding nature of ushering a new life through a danger-strewn world is the focus of this series 20 opener, as three mums contend with injuries to their children while also reflecting on their own struggles and sacrifices.

George, 12, has hurt his leg after being hit by a motorbike on the way home from school; he was airlifted to St George’s, where doctors are concerned that the damage may be permanent. Poor Amber, nine, is in a lot of pain with suspected appendicitis, while Tanveer proves that the worry never ends – the 26-year-old gives mum Kamal a scare by coming off his moped, leaving him with a head injury and no memory of the accident.


Twelve-year-old George is airlifted to St George's after he is struck by a motorcycle on his way home from school, and doctors are concerned about the extensive damage to his leg, which could lead to permanent disability. Meanwhile, 26-year-old Tanveer has come off his moped at speed, suffering a serious head injury that has left him with no memory of the event. In paediatrics, nine-year-old Amber is admitted, suffering severe stomach pains and vomiting, with doctors worried it could be appendicitis.

Cast & Crew

Director Ben Cotton
Executive Producer Benjamin Leigh
Producer Ben Cotton
Series Director Joe John
Series Director Sophie Waldron
Series Editor Tom Wilde
Series Producer Joe John
Series Producer Sophie Waldron
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