YolanDa's Band Jam

Jam £21: Maximo Park

Series 2 - Episode 1 Jam £21: Maximo Park



YolanDa Brown and her house band, the Band Jaminals, entertain an audience of children - the Band Jammers - with live music and special guests. YolanDa gets everyone moving with the song Jumping On Our Toes, which uses short, sharp staccato notes. YolanDa encourages the Band Jammers to jump on their toes and make fun robot movements to the music. Joining YolanDa in this episode are indie rock stars Maximo Park. They talk about how they write their song lyrics and explain how rhyming words can be really useful in songwriting. YolanDa and the Band Jammers help Maximo Park choose some rhyming words for a new song, which the band then perform. The Fact Jam explores some facts about music festivals – including the world's biggest festival, Glastonbury! Maximo Park rock the crowd with their fantastic song What Equals Love? before YolanDa and the Band Jammers invite them to join in with the Big Band Jam at the end of the programme. YolanDa explains that the Big Band Jam in this episode is based around things you can do at the park, and a short film follows three Band Jammers as they explore possible lyric ideas for the Jam. YolanDa and the Band Jammers are then ready for the Jam. YolanDa and the Band Jaminals join in as Maximo Park perform their hit song Our Velocity with new lyrics, as suggested by the Band Jammers!