All Aboard! New Zealand by Rail, Sea and Land

All Aboard! New Zealand by Rail, Sea and Land


This is probably the most epic journey yet in BBC4’s Slow TV canon: the monumental trip from Auckland, New Zealand, to the far south. The programme lasts two-and-a-half hours and there isn’t a word of narration or a note of music; just the views and the sounds of a very, very long haul.

There are, though, captions throughout, with bite-sized details about places of interest, sites of tragedies and guides to the myths, legends and folklore of a particular place. The journey takes in various types of transport, though it’s mainly by rail, as we stop at stations to watch rucksack-carrying passengers board and depart. It’s leisurely and lovely.


Cameras take an epic overland journey, by train, boat and car through New Zealand's breathtaking landscapes. The trek beings in Auckland, but the city soon gives way to rolling pastures, volcanic extremes, tranquil waterways, the snowcapped grandeur of the Southern Alps and the beauty of Fiordland.