In the Beginning

Series 5 - Episode 10 In the Beginning



Several scenes tonight that are established classics, present in pretty much every series at some point and always welcomed by Dexter aficionados. There's the one where the killer brazenly walks into the Miami PD homicide department, aware that only Dexter knows he's the culprit everyone's looking for. (Bonus points if Dexter gets the chance to tell him he's toast.) There's the scene where Dexter's "kill room" is definitely, surely going to be discovered. And there's the one where disastrously revealing evidence comes in, but Dexter can't touch it.

Plus, a couple of moments that will surprise everyone. Jordan Chase (Jonny Lee Miller) makes a move so profoundly perplexing that he's scarier than ever, despite no blood being spilled. And there's a last scene that is right on the line between dark thrills and queasy bad taste. We've seen vengeful murder, cool murder and impulsive murder on this show. Now it's time for: sexy murder.


Debra manages to positively identify two more suspects in the Barrel Girl case, and when Homicide uncovers shocking new evidence, Dexter is forced to put his vendetta against Lumen's former captors on hold. Crime drama, starring Michael C Hall.

Cast & Crew

Dexter Morgan Michael C Hall
Debra Morgan Jennifer Carpenter
Director Keith Gordon
Writer Scott Reynolds