Charlie's Angels

Target: Angels

Series 1 - Episode 5 Target: Angels

Friday 2am - 3am Sony Channel
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Saturday, 2am - 3am Sony Channel


Jill, Kelly and Sabrina seek refuge at the mansion where Charlie lives, determined to escape the tender mercies of an anonymous assassin threatening to bump them off, but whom they unwittingly lead to his real target. Tom Selleck guest stars.

Cast & Crew

Sabrina Duncan Kate Jackson
Kelly Garrett Jaclyn Smith
John Bosley David Doyle
Dr Alan Samuelson Tom Selleck
Jill Munroe Farrah Fawcett
Harry Wardlow John Horn
Bill Duncan Michael Bell
Cavendish David Healy
Col Blaylock John Agar
Sister Anne Irene Tedrow
Meeker Thayer David
Doorman Bill Smillie
Minister John Petlock
Cabbie number 2 Stephen Burleigh
Referee Michael Lederman
Director Richard Lang
Writer David Levinson
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