Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Undaunted Mettle

Series 3 - Episode 1 Undaunted Mettle



The team investigates the death of an ambitious architect with aspirations to design the new World Trade Centre - and discover he had a silent partner who may have been responsible for his murder. Crime drama, starring Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe and Jamey Sheridan.

Cast & Crew

Det Robert Goren Vincent D'Onofrio
Det Alexandra Eames Kathryn Erbe
Capt James Deakins Jamey Sheridan
ADA Ron Carver Courtney B Vance
Ben Laurette Olek Krupa
Prof Roth David Costabile
Sydney Laurette Laura Stepp
Meredith Breen Jessica Hecht
Noah Preston Michael Hogan
Anna Sarah Bloom
Abigail Maureen Anderman
Director Steve Shill
Executive Producer Dick Wolf
Executive Producer Rene Balcer
Executive Producer Peter Jankowski
Writer Rene Balcer
Writer Stephanie Sengupta
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