Shoes of the Fisherman

Series 4 - Episode 7 Shoes of the Fisherman



The team encounters the disreputable skipper of an illegal fishing vessel, and after being bitten by the rogue's dog, panicky RO Robert takes too many sleeping pills on the Hammersley, and falls overboard.

Cast & Crew

Chief Rebecca `Bomber' Brown Kirsty Lee Allan
CPO Andy `Charge' Thorpe John Batchelor
Dylan `Dutchy' Mulholland Conrad Coleby
Chris `Swain' Blake Matthew Holmes
Jessica Bird Danielle Horvat
Lt Kate McGregor Lisa McCune
Leo `2Dads' Kosov-Meyer Nikolai Nikolaeff
Able Seaman Robert J `RO' Dixon Kristian Schmid
Lt Cdr Mike Flynn Ian Stenlake
Cdr Maxine `Knocker' White Tammy MacIntosh
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