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The Gentleman Vanishes

Series 8 - Episode 7 The Gentleman Vanishes



Det Supt Sandra Pullman and her Last of the Summer Wine team of ’tecs are working on the disappearance of a physics professor from a Dover-bound train in 2004. They’ve re-opened the case despite being politely warned off by a shadowy Whitehall figure played
by Tim McInnerny. At least I think that’s what he was doing.

After they’ve made some impressive if unbelievable leaps of logic, the investigation culminates at St Pancras Station where a suspect sporting a Matrix-style floor-length leather coat — presumably in order to blend in with the commuter crowds — actually causes Jack Halford to run. For several minutes! It’s the most exciting bit of the entire episode.


The team investigates the mystery of a missing scientist, after the man's wife receives a series of emails from someone claiming to know what happened to him. The physics professor was last seen in 2004, on a train to Paris for a conference, and when he disappeared he was working on a potentially lucrative cold fusion project that had attracted attention from many large organisations. However, as the detectives dig deeper, a shadowy Whitehall figure warns Sandra's boss Strickland they should drop the case.

Cast & Crew

Brian Lane Alun Armstrong
Jack Halford James Bolam
Sandra Pullman Amanda Redman
Gerry Standing Dennis Waterman
DAC Robert Strickland Anthony Calf
Stephen Fisher Tim McInnerny
Bea Mackenna Rebecca Front
Paul Leonard Matthew Blackmore
Martin Fallon Shaun Williamson
Alice Fox Keeley Forsyth
Kirsty Daniels Amy Phillips
David Townsend Gary Powell
Peter Rowley Kevin McMonagle
Brian Rutland Andrew Woodall
DI Thomas Doyle William Key
Director Julian Simpson
Producer Keith Thompson
Writer Julian Simpson
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