Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps


Series 5 - Episode 1 Death



Jonny recovers from his recent brush with death, enjoying 15 minutes of fame and organising a Press conference at which he plans to take his first step from the wheelchair. Donna and Gaz's relationship begins to look shaky, while Louise confesses to the shooting since she cannot bear the thought of someone else taking the credit.

Cast & Crew

Jonny Ralf Little
Gaz Will Mellor
Donna Natalie Casey
Janet Sheridan Smith
Louise Kathryn Drysdale
Munch Lee Oakes
Kelly Hayley Bishop
Himself Gordon Burns
Policeman Rob Hughes
Pallbearer Bruce McGregor
Pallbearer Charlie Dickinson
Director Gareth Carrivick
Producer Stephen McCrum
Writer Susan Nickson
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