Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps

Ello Ello

Series 8 - Episode 4 Ello Ello



Janet hopes to earn Gaz's respect by making her first arrest as a police community support officer, but finds herself out of her depth. Donna has difficulty coming to terms with her divorce, until she realises the effort Wesley is prepared to make for her. Meanwhile, Louise tries to improve her baby's IQ.

Cast & Crew

Janet Sheridan Smith
Gaz Will Mellor
Donna Natalie Casey
Wesley Thomas Nelstrop
Louise Kathryn Drysdale
Tim Luke Gell
Louise Louise Gracie Eve Pelta
Louise Louise Amelie Rose Pelta
Policeman Steve Oram
Director Nick Wood
Producer Michelle Farr
Writer Tim Dawson
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