Two and a Half Men

I Always Wanted a Shaved Monkey

Series 2 - Episode 20 I Always Wanted a Shaved Monkey



Judith bills Alan for a pair of expensive shoes she bought Jake, and Evelyn harasses Charlie for not keeping in contact. Peeved and generally aggrieved, the brothers take their frustrations out on each other. Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer star.

Cast & Crew

Charlie Harper Charlie Sheen
Alan Harper Jon Cryer
Jake Harper Angus T Jones
Judith Harper Marin Hinkle
Rose Melanie Lynskey
Berta Conchata Ferrell
Evelyn Harper (voice) Holland Taylor
Little Charlie Dylan Minnette
Little Alan Daniel Sheldon
Director Asaad Kelada
Writer Chuck Lorre
Writer Lee Aronsohn
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