The Fat Sweaty Coppers

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Fat Sweaty Coppers



Back to September 1994 for the first episode of a sketch show that would become one of the most influential in TV history. This opening edition features the Fat Sweaty Coppers, who today wouldn’t make it into a top 20 of classic Fast Show characters, but skating past the odd dud was one of the advantages of a format that promised to get to the point of each skit as soon as possible, sometimes by making them only one line of dialogue long.

In the Fast Show’s wake came an army of imitators who thought bringing back the same characters week after week to do the same joke was easy – Paul Whitehouse, Charlie Higson and their immensely talented, now-famous cast were just making it look easy.


First-ever episode of the comedy sketch show. The Fat Sweaty Coppers try to solve a burglary, Ron Manager talks about Ryan Giggs, and Unlucky Alf has an accident with a cricket ball. Elsewhere, Prof Denzil Dexter conducts an experiment using some cardboard tubes.

Cast & Crew

Actor Paul Whitehouse
Actor Charlie Higson
Actor Mark Williams
Actor John Thomson
Actor Simon Day
Actor Arabella Weir
Actor Caroline Aherne
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