The Secret Life of the Zoo at Christmas

The Secret Life of the Zoo at Christmas



Excitement about Christmas isn’t the only thing that’s growing at Chester Zoo. Red panda Nima has been packing on the weight recently, aggressively keeping her mate Koda away from the food at mealtimes. The keepers are right to suspect she’s pregnant because Nima eventually manages to squeeze herself inside a nesting box where she gives birth to two adorable orange fluff-balls.

They’re not the zoo’s only Christmas gift, though, because they also take delivery of a camel called Sparky, although she doesn’t get much peace and goodwill from the other two Bactrians in the enclosure. Meanwhile, middle-aged mascara barb Clerk is given the piscine equivalent of “a weekend in Las Vegas” when he’s popped into a tank with three females known as the Kardashians. It turns out he’s not much of a party animal.


As the festive season approaches at Chester Zoo, Bactrian camels Becky and Mei-Li are about to be given a seasonal surprise in the shape of Sparky, a young addition to the herd. In the zoo's aquarium, Clerk and Doris, long-term mascara barb fish partners, welcome three new females in their tank. Meanwhile, red pandas Nima and Koda are going through a difficult time in their relationship.

Cast & Crew

Director Sam Barns
Director John Tween
Executive Producer Tanya Winston
Executive Producer Alex Sutherland
Producer Sam Barns
Producer John Tween
Series Producer Philippa Bradley
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