Seven Worlds, One Planet

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Series 1 - Episode 7 Africa



David Attenborough stands next to the last two remaining northern white rhinos, patting one gently as she eats. It’s a beautiful moment, but sharp-edged. “Scientists tell us we are at the start of a mass extinction,” he tells us. “This is a crucial moment in time.”

The series hasn’t pulled its punches in talking about the impact of deforestation, climate change and hunting. You couldn’t watch this series – as you could with some previous natural history shows – and get the impression of rich, unspoilt Edens across the planet.

But still, the wildlife we’ve seen has been wonderful, and there’s more tonight in Africa, including the sight of five, yes five, roaming cheetahs loping across the Serengeti in a gang, looking for trouble. That’s the glamour end, but Seven Worlds likes a bit of sinister too, and for that, the devious cuckoo-catfish is hard to beat.


David Attenborough looks at the fauna of Africa, home to the greatest wildlife gatherings on Earth. But even in this land of plenty, animals face huge challenges. At its heart is a vast tropical rainforest full of life, where young chimpanzees learn how to use tools to make the most of the jungles riches. With knowledge passed down from generation to generation, they can access the best forest foods. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Narrator David Attenborough
Executive Producer Jonny Keeling
Producer Giles Badger
Series Producer Scott Alexander