Guy Martin's Great Escape

Guy Martin's Great Escape


Here’s an interesting twist on a Christmas-TV favourite: Guy Martin attempts to do what Steve McQueen’s character Captain Hilts couldn’t do in The Great Escape — jump a Triumph motorbike over a pair of razor-wired fences, into the relative safety of Switzerland.

To be fair, Guy will have the benefit of specialist training in stunt-bike physics from a Cambridge professor, plus he won’t have just spent the past 20 days banged up in the cooler with only a baseball mitt for company. Still… he’s feeling understandably nervy. “Jumping motorbikes and me do not go together,” says Guy. Well, we all know that’s not true, don’t we?


Guy Martin wants to recreate the most iconic motorcycle stunt in movie history - the climax of the film The Great Escape, in which Steve McQueen's character Lieutenant Hilts steals a motorbike and attempts to jump two border fences into Switzerland. The original bike used in the film was a Triumph, and it's only right that Guy should convert and prep a modern Triumph Scrambler 1200 for his big stunt.

Cast & Crew

Director Ewan Keil
Executive Producer Neil Duncanson
Executive Producer Steve Gowans
Executive Producer James Woodroffe
Producer Tom Norton
Producer Graham Smiles
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