MasterChef: The Professionals

MasterChef: The Professionals

Series 12 - Episode 13



We’ve all stood in our kitchen at a loss to know what to make out of, say, a few prawns, a turnip and a heel of parmesan. But this invention test is even tougher because the 12 remaining chefs can’t use any modern gadgets.

Knock-out week continues with the ten competitors being split into two teams for a street food challenge to demonstrate their versatility. In an added twist, the invited guests vote each night for their favourite dish, the winning two chefs sailing straight through to the next round. So after Thursday we’ll know who’s really cutting the mustard and whose goose is cooked.


Gregg Wallace hosts the first round of Knockout week, as the 12 chefs to make it through the finals compete to stay in the contest. The chefs face an invention test in which they must not use any modern kitchen gadgets. The four weakest performing contestants then go through to a cook-off, to decide which two will be eliminated from the competition.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Gregg Wallace
Judge Monica Galetti
Judge Marcus Wareing
Narrator Sean Pertwee
Editor Steve Wey
Executive Editor David Ambler
Series Director Anthony Crumpton
Series Producer Genevieve Welch
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