Growing Up Poor: Britain's Breadline Kids

Growing Up Poor: Britain's Breadline Kids

Series 259



Eight-year-old Courtney lives with her mum and brother in Cambridge. She’s a smashing little girl – as irrepressible and happy as any eight-year-old should be. But Courtney lives in poverty. The family have to sleep in their coats because there’s no money for heating, their food comes from a food bank and mum has mental health issues. They live on £5 a day.

This sobering film looks at a handful of children like Courtney, including 15-year-old Danielle, who struggles to revise for her GCSEs in the family bedsit, and nine-year-old Rose, whose mum is still paying for the funeral of her sister, who died from cancer.


In Britain today, 4.1 million children are growing up in poverty. Dispatches spent a year with three children and their families to show what life is really like if there's just not enough money for life's essentials of food, warmth and a place to call home.

Cast & Crew

Director Jezza Neumann
Executive Producer Brian Woods
Producer Amy Richardson
Producer Alice Rowsome
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