Teenage Wasteland

Series 5 - Episode 9 Teenage Wasteland



This miraculous fifth series keeps offering revelatory new angles that all four previous seasons missed. Dexter is reacquainted with his step-daughter Astor tonight, a challenge made worse by Astor having suddenly grown up to be 12 going on 19. In her new bored-hellraiser persona, she's yet another thing Dexter cannot control – just when he's building up to bumping off the mighty Jordan Chase – and her waywardness will require a new kind of parenting.

That means we get an unpredictable digression to enjoy, Dexter the superhero has to find new powers, and Michael C Hall uses some of his smaller, finer acting muscles. A neat and at times unusually sweet story plays out against the background of Dexter getting to know king villain Jordan, in tense scenes where they probe for each other's weaknesses, implicitly testing who's the bigger man. Where better to do that than a gym changing room?


Debra manages to find new evidence in the Barrel Girl case while assigned to work in the file room. Meanwhile, Dexter and Lumen are stunned when they encounter an unforeseen guest while stalking their next victim. Crime drama, starring Michael C Hall.

Cast & Crew

Dexter Morgan Michael C Hall
Debra Morgan Jennifer Carpenter