Gino's Italian Express: Siena to Asciano

Gino's Italian Express: Siena to Asciano

Series 7



If you didn’t make your Christmas pudding at the weekend (it was Stir Up Sunday, traditionally the best day for making them), you might consider what Gino D’Acampo describes as “Christmas pudding done the Italian way”. However, his version of panforte cake involves chocolate, which he admits isn’t at all traditional.

Gino is in Tuscany, which of course is chianti country, but while he slurps the occasional glass of vino, he also takes a bath in the stuff. It’s not a lack of respect for chianti (he does point out we get some rubbish versions in the UK), but because marinating yourself in wine is alleged to have youth-enhancing properties.


For the next leg of his journey, Gino D'Acampo boards an old steam train run by ex-railroad men and volunteers which takes him through the beautiful Tuscan countryside. His first stop is the town of Asciano, where locals try to compete with Siena's famous Palio horse race - only here they ride donkeys. Then it's on to the Chianti region where he visits a vineyard where they don't only make wine, but they also bathe in it too, an ancient tradition dating back to Roman times. After a luxurious wine bath, Gino cooks up a dish fit for any Emperor - farfalle pasta with funghi and spinach.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Gino D'Acampo
Executive Producer Ceri Aston
Executive Producer Sally Evans
Series Director Ruth Binsley
Series Producer Emily Burndred
Series Producer Ruth Binsley
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