CBeebies Hansel & Gretel

CBeebies Hansel & Gretel




The stars of CBeebies bring the story of Hansel and Gretel to life, with a vibrant 1980s twist, and a number of classic pop hits from the decade. Featuring Cat Sandion and Molly and Mack's Joshua Haynes as the intrepid youngsters, alongside Andy Day, Maddie Moate and Waffle the Wonder Dog, making his CBeebies panto debut.

Cast & Crew

Hansel Joshua Haynes
Gretel Cat Sandion
Truffle Andy Day
Willow Maddie Moate
The Witch Jennie Dale
Gingerbread cook Joseph Elliott
Gingerbread cook Steven Kynman
Daddy Krimble Phil Gallagher
Mummy Krimble Gemma Hunt
Nanny Krimble Rebecca Keatley
Grandad Krimble William Vanderpuye
Voice of Harold the Magic Christmas Tree Justin Fletcher
Director Jon Spooner
Director Geoff Coward
Executive Producer Vanessa Amberleigh
Producer Philip Cooper
Producer Anna Perowne
Writer Clare Duffy
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