Aliens Inside Us

Aliens Inside Us


Be more Pigpen! Peanuts fans will know I mean the little lad who wanders about in a cloud of dirt and dust – but he could be on to something. This absolute gem of a documentary, which combines charming animation with cutting-edge science, takes a look at the trillions of bacterial microbes that surround every inch of our body – inside and out. But in our super-sanitised urban environment, our reliance on anti-bacterials and antibiotics isn’t necessarily a good thing; could vomiting Amazonian villagers have something to teach us?

There’s much discussion of the current buzzword, our “microbiome”, and an intriguing experiment that may give c-section newborns a little extra boost for the future.


The microorganisms living within the human body, and how, perhaps due to modern, sterile lifestyles, things are changing for the worse.