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Her Baby

Series 1 - Episode 5 Her Baby



It’s flouncing manchild Leo’s (Archie Renaux) turn to come under the spotlight as his family implodes. He’s a monumental brat, seen as the episode begins celebrating his 25th birthday. Twenty-fifth! He behaves like a 12-year-old and everyone treats him as if he’s a wee boy, with a special party tea including a cake and candles; his horrible father even buys him a bicycle.

But this smirking oik isn’t happy because his mum Julia (Julia Ormond) has fallen for a creepy younger man Benjamin (Ben Barnes) who oozes around the family home like an oil-slick. Worse, Benjamin’s half brother (David Leon, from Vera) turns up out of the blue. But Benjamin told Julia he was an only child!


Leo deludes himself that his parents still love each other, and as Julia's wedding draws closer, he hatches a plan to get them back together. He finds himself with an unexpected ally in Benjamin's half-brother - whom Julia never even knew existed. His arrival leaves her suddenly aware how little she knows about her fiancee. Benjamin is forced into a desperate decision that only exposes his deceptions further, while Leo is forced to painfully acknowledge that the happy life he believes his family used to enjoy never really existed.

Cast & Crew

Julia Day Julia Ormond
Benjamin Greene Ben Barnes
Kieran David Leon
Patrick Day Sebastian Armesto
Della Day Jemima Rooper
Leo Day Archie Renaux
Cali Karla-Simone Spence
Marsha Nikki Amuka-Bird
Ted Day Alex Jennings
Eimear Day Yasmine Akram
Charlotte Day Indica Watson
Young Julia Fleur Keith
Young Ted William Vasey
Young Patrick Tylan Bayram
Young Della Kate Kennedy
Landlord Bill Fellows
Paramedic Jordan Baker
Director David Evans
Executive Producer Marnie Dickens
Executive Producer Guy de Glanville
Executive Producer Laura Mackie
Executive Producer Sally Haynes
Producer Ani Kevork
Writer Marnie Dickens
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