Kes: Reimagined

Kes: Reimagined


Dance and puppetry performance based on Barry Hines' novel A Kestrel for a Knave and Ken Loach's acclaimed 1969 film adaptation. The piece tells the story of a boy struggling with a troubled home and school life in a Yorkshire mining town, but who finds respite from his bleak existence in training a kestrel.

Cast & Crew

Billy Chester Hayes
Jud Tobias Bartley
Mum Kristen McNally
Mr Farthing Dom Czapski
Mr Gryce Anton Skrzypiciel
Mr Sugden Phil Snowden
Woman at WMC Laura Careless
Bookshop owner Barnaby Meredith
Dancer Brandon Brereton
Dancer Spike King
Dancer Jonathan Layton
Dancer Edie Marriage Massey
Dancer Susannah Neave
Dancer Charlotte Page
Dancer Emmanuella Sarpong
Dancer Oliver Stanton
Dancer David Stirrup
Director Ross MacGibbon
Editor James Bicknell
Executive Producer Helen Spencer
Executive Producer Emma Cahusac
Executive Producer Fiona Morris
Producer Martin Collins
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