Boom, Bust & Bankers

Boom, Bust & Bankers


This packs a lot into a small package. In theory, it’s a documentary about one office complex in the City of London – Broadgate – and the people who work there, from cleaners and bankers to property developers. In practice the film blends their stories into a bigger picture of the City’s casino capitalism and its role in Britain, from the 1980s onwards.

That might sound worthy, but this is an entertaining watch: director Joseph Bullman has a satirical eye, not least for the jargon of the PR firms who cluster around the “enlivenment” projects aimed at making the offices look cool. Superb archive clips put the story in context, and it’s some story. 


Documentary exploring the history and the workforce of Broadgate, the financial complex at the heart of the City of London, which is home to 28 international banks. The building has stood since 1985, when it formed a central element in Margaret Thatcher's efforts to redirect the British economy from manufacturing to finance. The programme examines the daily lives of those who work here, from CEOs and bankers to cleaners and security guards.

Cast & Crew

Director Joseph Bullman
Executive Producer Simon Ford
Producer Laura McCutcheon